First, how do I install software?

Back in 1998, it was a lot easier to install J680 software. You used your Windows 98 computer with a program called Microsoft Activesync 3.8. You'd run an .exe file that would basically do everything for you. It is still possible to install software today, however.


  1. Find a software file with a .cab extension.
  2. Copy the file onto a Compact Flash card.
  3. Turn on your J680 and use Explorer to navigate to the file.
  4. Double tap the file with your stylus. NOTE: If you want to save the .cab file after you're done installing the software, go to the properties menu and change the file to READ ONLY. Otherwise, Windows CE will automatically delete the .cab file when it's finished.
  5. The .cab should extract and install the program.


The J680 uses a SH3 processor. MIPS and ARM programs will not work. If the SH3 program is made for a Pocket PC, the program may work fine, may not work at all or may work with some...interesting results. This is because a Handheld PC has a landscape layout and a Pocket PC has a portrait layout.

Where can I find the manual?

I've uploaded the manual here for your convenience. You're welcome.

Compatible software

Here are some games and programs for the J680. Disclaimer: As far as I know, all of these programs are virus-free and public domain. That said, use at your own risk.









Here are programs for the J680 that I know exist but I don't have links for right now. But that's what Google is for.