Will the J680 work with a J720 docking cradle?

Sorta. The J680 will fit nicely into the cradle since the J720 is almost identical in appearance. The J680 will also charge in a J720 cradle.

The problem is that the J720 has two ports: one for both serial and another for USB. There is a plastic piece that slides back and forth. The USB cord will connect to the port with the J680 in the cradle, but you'll be unable to transfer information. The J680 will recognize the connection, but the PC will not. You'll still need a serial cable.


What's the difference between the J680 and J680e?

The J680e is identical to the J680, except without the built-in 56K modem.

What's the difference between the J680 and J720?

Although the two models look similar, there are many differences. Most significantly is the processor. The Jornada 680 uses a 133 MHz Hitachi SH3 processor while the Jornada 720 uses a faster 206 MHz StrongARM CPU. This means that software for the two models are not compatible; a program on the J680 will not run on the J720 and vice versa.


Jornada 680
Jornada 720


Can I upgrade my J680?

The J680 is not as easy to upgrade as a PC.  There is a kit which will increase the RAM from 16 MB to 32 MB.  (This kit is very rare.) There is no HDD, however, it has two slots for CompactFlash cards. Everything else is integrated.

The J680 uses Windows CE 2.11 and cannot use Windows XP or any other version of Windows designed for desktop/laptop PCs. You can download a display driver that will increase the color-depth of the J680's display from 256 colors to 65,536 colors. This driver is available on the HP Jornada 680 Customer Support website. If your J680 is running Windows CE 2.11, you can upgrade it to version 3.0 by downloading the Service Pack 1.

There is also a version of Linux (called JLime) which will run on the J680.  I've found there are pros and cons to JLime. You'll need to be somewhat tech savvy to install it. You can read more about that at Jlime's website.

What is the maximum size for the Compact Flash Card?

The maximum size is 8 GB for a CF Card formated to FAT or FAT32.

Can you recommend a compatible wireless card?

I use a Lucent WaveLAN Turbo Silver (PC24E-H-FC) in my J680. It also works perfectly in my J728. As of writing this (June 2013), there are still several available on eBay. The driver can be found at HPC: Factor.

How can I run PowerPoint from my J680?

You would need a VGA PCMCIA card. They're not impossible to find these days but they are expensive. Connect the video out to the projector, TV or video monitor. I don’t believe that you can actually create PowerPoint presentations with the included software, but it does allow you to view simple presentations. The output displays up to 800x600.  This driver is available on the HP Jornada 680 Customer Support website.

What does Jornada mean?

Jornada is the Spanish word for journey or trip.