What is a Jornada 680?

It’s too big and heavy to be a handheld and it’s too small to be a laptop, yet the Jornada 680 has features of both.  It is often labeled a “Pocket PC,” but I have yet seen a pocket that it would fit into comfortably.. 

Hewlett Packard released the J680 in 1998.  The J680 is the Swiss army knife of the handheld PC world.  It came with a number of features, including:


  • 133 MHz Hitachi SH3 processor
  • 16 MB of integrated RAM
  • 16 MB of ROM
  • 64K color support
  • Built in 56K model
  • CompactFlash card support
  • PCMCIA card slot
  • Built in Microphone
  • Serial Cable port
  • IR port


The J680 was later replaced by the J690, J710, J720 and J728.  These younger siblings had faster processors and more memory, but where virtually identical to the J680.

What is a Jornada 680e?

The J680e is identical to the J680, except without the built-in 56K modem.

Why create a site for an obsolete handheld?

Great question. I’m not sure. However, to my knowledge, there are no other sites exclusively dedicated to the J680. I had a difficult time finding much support and I made several mistakes that could have otherwise been easily avoided. I simply wanted to share my experiences with other J680 owners. A better question might be, why are you visiting a website for an obsolete handheld?

Who are you anyway?

I am not an IT professional, a pocket PC expert or a HP employee. I’m someone who loves toys. I like to tear things apart and see how they work. I like seeing how far I can push them until they break. I like to mess things up then figure out how to fix them. I’m probably a lot like you.